Visualizing (and Sharing) your Online Activity

5/11 2009
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Var din egen övervakningskamera.

nebul_us.jpg is a new startup focusing on revealing the online activities of users through the interactive visualization of Internet usage patterns in real-time. It aims to become a social site for sharing content with friends (or to the public at large), or a productivity enhancing site for figuring out how one is spending time online.

After installing a browser plugin, the service will start monitoring the browsing history. Typical Web2.0 profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube can be added as well to complete the view of online activities (note that the initial setting is set to ’private’, and information about visits to individual sites can also be shared with ’friends’ or blocked).

The visualization itself consists of a circular donut shape, with online types of media represented as rings, and visits or online service usages mapped as separate bands. The shape and position of these bands represent a standard clock face: the length and position of a band corresponds to the time one visited a particular website or online service. Users can navigate through the content rings and narrow down to a specific day or hour, or a specific web page, song or photo, to discover specific usage patterns, to check how much time they spend on a particular page, or to share any of this content with others.

You can watch an explanatory video below.

See also EyeBrowse for a very similar concept, and probably also Personas if you interested in online profiling.

Thnkx Levi! Via TechCrunch.